Tow Bar


WUNDERBAR™ Articulating Vehicle Tow Bar

This unique and innovative tow bar system delivers incredibly fast vehicle recovery speed—quicker than any other system available today.  Lightweight and easy-to-handle components deploy in seconds, reducing lifting injuries and saving lives in critical field situations.  The DPSG Wunderbar™ has been successfully field-proven by U.S. Army Special Forces in Afghanistan and around the world.  Fully articulating parts assemble and breakdown quickly, and stow on the bumper mount at the front of the vehicle grille. The stowage system is rated street legal on US roads, and has the advantage of not blocking the driver’s vision.  Lighter and stronger than conventional tow bars, Wunderbar™ systems are available for a variety of applications, from 15K, 20K, 40K, 80K, and 150K GVWR.


• Patented design delivers the fastest deploy time of any tow bar in the world

• Can be deployed by the smallest personnel in seconds, per Mil Std. 1472. All parts under 50lbs.

• Large vehicle “hook up” zone of 50” x 57”

• Fully retracts to the bumper mount in front of the grille. Stows on front of the vehicle grille

• FMVSS street legal on U.S. roads

• Variety of colors and finishes including; CARC, CARC equivalent, and non-painted Hard Coat

• DPSG forged adaptors available through the Army Resupply System (SARSS)

• Available for JEEP, HUMVEE, MATV, MRAP, FMTV, MTVR, LVSR, PLS as well as other comparable platforms

• Kit weights vary from 50 lbs. to 158 lbs. depending on vehicle GVWR

• Systems come in a heavy duty rolling carry bag with assembly, care and safety instructions

• In conjunction with DPSG Tow Straps we offer a complete Tow and Recovery System

• Training available on request

**Now available through the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)**