Army Smart Book Approvals

  • April, 2017
  • by Ken Fincher

The new Ultra Light ATB (7K), Light Short ATB (24K), Very Light (20K), Light ATB (30K), Medium ATB (65K), Heavy ATB (100K), Heavy Long (120K) and Heavy Stryker (80K) articulating tow bars in this smart book have been tested and are currently in use by the Army.

The Capacity of a tow-bar represents the Minimum Load at which failure could occur, at which load, the tow-bar may break. In contrast, the Working Load Limit (WLL) should be, at most, half the Capacity of the tow bar to achieve a 2X safety factor.  Thus, a tow-bar rated at 20,000 lbs has been designed and tested to at least 40,000 lbs.  All Wunderbar(TM) Articulating Tow Bars (ATBs) are required to meet this 2X safety factor.  In emergencies the Capacity may be divided by 1.5 to show the limits of the old military standard (this examples would be 40,000 divided by 1.5 or a WLL of 26,667 lbs.).  This standard should not be used to select a tow bar for a vehicle but may be used in emergencies.

If you have difficulty finding NSN's for these towbars, or have been redirected to another towbar that does not meet the 2x safety factor, please contact us immediately.

Ken Fincher, President
Phone: +1.571.274.9995